Friday, 10 November 2017

Pirinyózsák - Christmas card illustration

I've made this christmas card illustration for a small company which makes some baby clothes. Here is the link to the shop.

Monday, 6 November 2017

Tap&Bi and the birthdays

So my mum turned to 60 at the end of October and I didn't find time to make her a drawing only now and my boyfriend has a birthday today. So for both of them, happy birthday :)
This is for him.

And this one is for her!!! 

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Friday, 3 November 2017

Short story written for storyboard practice

The flower shop is closed. Alison just arrives to open it. Bea is already waiting there.
Bea: Hey! Good morning, so I'm here again. 
Alison: Good morning. Sorry, I cannot let you in yet. It's 5 mins to 10.
Bea: Yeah...(She looks at her watch.) No problem, I can wait. 
Alison closes the door and turns the key. Looks at Bea.
Bea shows the cool, all right sign with her hands.
Bea looks at her feet and crouches by the window of the shop.

A young guy rushes to the door and knocks on it, like his life depends on it. 

Richie: Hey, is anyone here? I need to buy a bunch of flowers for my granny. She is turning 85 now. Hello? Is it not 10 yet?
Bea: Hey, dude! It's 3 minutes to go. Calm down, you are too early. 
Richie: Well, thanks, but I'm late already. Everyone is waiting for me...Hello?!?
Bea: Pfff
Alison: I'm coming? Something is wrong? 
Richie: Yeah, I'm late from the celebration of my granny. Could you make a bunch of flowers for an 85 years old grandma, please?
Alison: Yeah, sure. What flowers does she like? 
Richie: I dunno. She likes yellow, no, she likes red and violet, no more pink. Ahhh! I dunno. Could you do something nice? With a red ribbon and some green leaves? How much is going to be? I only have 10 bucks. Maybe from the orchids? What? It's 12 for one? No way!!! Then that and that and this! Or pfff, i trust you! Make something nice.
Alison: Okay, I got it.
Bea: Hey, dude, seriously, just calm down, you are going to have a heart attack.
Richie breaths heavily and his forehead is in sweat.
Alison: What about this one? It's very fresh and will last for 5 days. And this and that, here you go. (She quickly makes a beautiful bunch of flowers.) So it would be 10 bucks. (Holds in her hands.)
Richie throws the money on the desk and runs out, shouts thanks.
Bea: What a weirdo! Pfff. You were amazingly patient with him. If it would be me, I would throw him out...
Alison and Bea look at each other and smile...

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Tap&Bi in the graveyard

When I was in Kuwait, I had a chance to help out backstage in a theatre of a school. I got the news in the morning that he passed away. I'm very sorry. I didn't know him well, but he was very nice with me. This drawing is for him and his memory. His name was Mike Hewlett. This a picture of him while giving me a bunch of flowers. 

Sunday, 22 October 2017

#inktober2017 Tap&Bi

I have a finnish friend who was sad about seeing the first snow there.
I've sent her my drawing hoping it makes her feel otherwise. She wrote me back her story about a bad teacher who always sent them outside even in minus 40 and since then she is unable to be happy about snowing...