Thursday, 14 April 2011

3d models

I've made an other model from Lizy because I found the previous one a bit scary or creepy. Now she is rather cartoony. I did the blend shapes for her, so I could move her face from sad to happy etc.

Here is my bad teacher. I hope she will be enough scary. I haven't done the blend shapes yet. But i'm really excited to see her very angry.

There is my board and rope. There is a small lamp, but probably I won't put in to my final, because I can cause some confusion...
At the moment, I'm trying out some rendering and lighting. I'm not good enough in it yet, but for this story I think it's very important!

Saturday, 2 April 2011


I've just had the presentation of my animatic yesterday in the National Gallery. I wanted to make the animatic very clear and eventually, I succeeded with it. Everyone understood it. Great :-)
It was kind of relief from the anxiety that I felt while we watched the others' stories.


I've started to model my own character, the little girl, Elizabeth. 
At the moment, I'm doing the blend shapes for her, but I'm not sure anymore that I could do it. It doesn't look perfect...I hope that I would bear the uncertainty what is running towards me. 
I have a plan B (use an already made character by somebody else), if I cannot make it, but still, I would be pleased, delighted, simply happy if I would be able to jump across my fears...